We are a community of female athletes who train hard, give back to our community, and support each other in our journey to be well-rounded, empowered and exceptional young women.

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Inclusive Environment

We nurture and inspire our athletes through elite training and our “Stay Gold” core values.

Whole Athlete Approach

We prioritize the emotional, social, intellectual, mental, and physical self.

Elite Training & Fitness

We cater to each athlete with a personalized, athletic and personal development program.

Lifetime Community

We cultivate a strong sense of family that will stay with our athletes for the rest of their lives.

The key to our success?

Our values

Girls who learn to live by these values
will “STAY GOLD” for a lifetime


  • Trust yourself, trust your teammates
  • Have the courage to show up
  • Embrace and handle pressure
  • Take risks and develop a growth mindset


  • We are bigger than one person
  • Have each others’ backs


  • Pick each other up
  • Have empathy
  • Care about the community


  • Make a commitment to yourself
  • Commit to your coaches, team and family: We are better together
  • Commit to practice and the work to be better


  • Respect yourself and others
  • Respect the rules
  • Respect every facility
  • Be accountable

Our Leadership

We are an all-female team of coaches, business women and parents turned founders dedicated to creating a community for young girls to thrive.

Aileen Watanabe

CITY Co Founder

Benton Weinstock

CITY Co Founder

Stefanie Wigfall

CITY Co Founder

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